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Europe for Citizens programme: YEF - Youth for Europe's Future


Within the framework of Europe for Citizens programme a six-part international event series organized with the cooperation of five countries: the main emphasis is on the youth’s involvement.


Project gestor: Municipality of Ajak

Project partnersAheloy, Farkaslaka, Hyzne, Tiszacsernyő

Project duration: 01 July 2015 – 31 August 2016

Project budget: 110 000 Euros


7 August 2015 - Ajak


Debate series:Hungarian and foreign youngsters of age group 14-23 years debate several issues of current EU Parliament agenda.  

Youth groups from 5 countries gave presentations, introductions on current issues of the EU Parliament’s agenda, involving all participants in a questions-answer and debate session. The forum provides a platform for the youth for a conscious involvement, thus giving an insight into EU decision making progresses. They build a network with the help of a web site, where the topics generated forums help to gain knowledge about the EU, its cultural values and can contribute to the previous conferences.

•       Aheloy, Bulgaria – Migration with a difference

•       Ajak, Hungary - Free movement of goods in the EU

•       Farkaslaka Romania - Green is the new black?

•       Hyzne, Poland – „Tobacco products” under supervision

•       Tiszacsernyő, Slovakia – Economic issues of the monetary union, price stability


4 September 2015 - Farkaslaka

Conference on renewable energies: participants exchange knowledge and ideas on technological advances and possible utilisation of renewables, EU grant support of these technologies with a special emphasis on local resources e.g. charcoal making.


Further programmes are listed on the project’s flyer:


Expected results


Through the activities we gain a multifaceted picture of the participating towns whilst realising that our aims and values are common: community development, generating values, maintaining traditions and remembering our common history.

The debate is an efficient tool to improve the culture of discussion, understanding and acceptance of differences, provides improvisation skills, sense of participation, and generates interest towards public issues.    

In Aheloy we organise a volunteer day demonstrating the constructive power of voluntarism.

The meetings generate dialogues that may solve future problems, the participating settlements’ youth -besides building connections- can also lay the basis of further professional, cultural and civic cooperation.

Building on the experiences of European NGOs and transferring the knowledge amassed during the project can result in the development of international NGOs.   

By listening to the voice of the younger generation we may discover new aspects of a topic.

Both of the programmes in Hyzne and Tiszacsernyő strengthen the common European identity.

Through the essay and drawing contest kids shall get to know important aspects of the EU and transforming these into their own stories and telling them with their words and illustrations develops their social competence.

By following and commenting these events online gives an opportunity to the European youth for building connections to the programmes and also gives an opportunity to learn best practices.


Local achievements:

•      Local problems gain new dimensions

•      Generating tourism

•      Getting to know different cultures

•      Getting the local population more active and involved, promoting voluntarism


International achievements:

•      Further development of twinned settlement relations

•      Encouraging citizens’ involvement

•      Encouraging cross border civic initiatives

•      Development of intercultural networks

•      Increase in European citizen involvement

Forum a on the facebook:    

2015. September 4 - Farkaslaka       

Conference on renewable energies:Presentations on new technologies and possible use of renewable with the help of EU grants with an emphasis on local circumstances e.g. coal burning. Participating settlements outline their plans.


2016 February 6 - Ajak     

A drawing and essay contestis launched with the topic of: „The youth’s thoughts on the Union’s every days” and „Equal opportunity in the European realm of work”. The contest is open to the 14 - 23 age group. Application is open between 2015 august 10 2016 January 31. An international committee will decide on the works in the framework of an exhibition and reading festival on 2016 February 6. Submitted artwork will be used in project publications


2016 June 19-23 - Aheloy

Voluntary action: We organize a voluntary action in Bulgaria with focus on environment issues: we create in the cultural centre a series of pictorial boards named “the Path of Europe”. With pictures, drawings artefacts  we draw attention to the EU’s environmental challenges and policies. 


2016 July 1-4 - Hyzne

European memory European history: Within the framework of the XIVth Władysław Sikorski Day a bicycle race is organised. A visit to the Memorial house of General Władysław Sikorski with a WW2 military exhibition. 


Tiszacsernyő, Slovakia 2016. 07.29-31.






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